In India there are many small business, out of which 80% of business are those kinds which do not have any business online nor do they have their companies website to get more customers online.

Why Does your Business needs a website ?

The first reason why small businesses need a website, even if your business has five employees or less, is because you might not be using internet for your business but your customer surely are and they are not able to find you because you don’t exist on the web. If you are operating one of those small businesses that doesn’t have a website and still you dont feel the urgency of having a website for your business then read the below article which you help you think in that direction.


Every business needs a website

The case for having a website in today’s world is very strong. Almost all the businesses surveyed said they planned to have a website by the end of the year. Are you part of this group? Make it a reality by creating a website today, and see how easy it is!

Does my business need a website if I’m on social media?

Lots of business owners assume that having a social media profile for their business is enough. Maybe you already have a Facebook page and some pretty good reviews on social media (or at least no one has called you the “worst restaurant ever”). That’s great.

But there are some problems with this strategy. First, you’ll always be dependent on the social media platform you choose. Algorithms change, rules change, and what’s working one day might not work a few weeks from now (as many businesses who depended on Facebook have recently learned). 

If you have a website, it belongs to you, and you control the content and the message. Part of the reason you started your own business is so that you don’t have to follow other people’s rules—so why would you just do what a social media platform tells you to? As people switch from one tool to the next, your website acts as an anchor. 

No matter what platform customers prefer, they can always find your website in the same place, available to everyone.

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